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App Marketing Agency – Three Fundamental Ways An App

Marketing Agency Can Gain Exposure For Your New App

So you’ve just finished building a high-quality app and now you’re not sure what to do next. Many people build amazing apps that do exactly what they were built to do, and then sit back and wonder why they are being downloaded or purchased at the expected rate. The problem most likely isn’t the quality of your app, but the quality of your marketing and advertising. These days, with over half a million apps in the iPhone store and about half of that in the Android store, simply building a great app is not enough. Almost 100% of your target audience is going to miss it completely unless you find your app some exposure.


Gaining exposure for your new app is not easy. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. There are a few strategies that you can employ to improve your app’s profile both with the store you’re distributing it through and with your prospective buyers, but these steps often involve professional knowledge and expertise.. In many cases it is best to hire an app marketing agency to help you arrive at the best marketing strategies to suit your particular app. A great agency will be able to provide plenty of consultation and advice and come up with a winning strategy for putting your app on the market.


Typically there are 3 fundamental things you can do to ensure that your app gets recognized or noticed by prospective buyers. The first involves keyword research and implementation and optimizing your app description in the app store. Your intent here will be twofold: making sure the merits and specs of your app are immediately apparent to a prospective buyer, and ensuring that everything is phrased such that your app is first to appear in the app store’s search results for your relevant category. Optimizing your app description is not easy, as every app store has a different algorithm for how they assess the significance or relevance of the app.


Once you’ve done everything you can to position your app strategically in the app store, you should spend some time developing a web presence for your app. This could mean anything from having a download page that appears at the top of Google whenever anyone enters search terms related to your app, but it could also mean submitting your app to multiple press releases, blogs and even social media sites to generate a general hype and buzz before your app launches. There are plenty of channels available for this purpose, but it helps if you’re an app marketer, as they tend to be in contact with all of the major players.


The same thing applies to the next step, which is submitting your app to highly profiled independent reviewers to be assessed and reviewed in detail prior to the launch. This allows your product to have several ratings and detailed reviews already attached to it before you go live. These reviews will give clients a much better opportunity to understand what your product is all about and whether or not its a mobile application they want on their phone.


If you need an app marketing agency to help you achieve maximal exposure for your new app, this is the right place to be. We know some of the best app marketers in the business and we’d be happy to connect you with them for a free consultation.


The App Marketeers started in 2011 as a way to fulfill an ever growing demand of developers and creators who need a way to market their new iPhone or Android app. Obviously, you could have the best app in the world but if nobody knows about it then it won't do you any good.

With so many apps being built it is not uncommon for a new app to get lost in the shuffle. It is our job to make sure that does NOT happen! We have created an app marketing package that will get more downloads for your app.

The App Marketeers will give you a free consultation and explain to you the marketing process. Fill in one of the forms on this website and someone will contact you shortly.

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